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Housing Groups Form Alliance To Rebuild In Keys After Irma

October 28, 2020
It's been more than three years since Hurricane Irma destroyed more than 1,000 homes in the Florida Keys. Some people have rebuilt, some have left. Now there's a new alliance planning to replace a trailer park with more substantial (while still affordable) housing.

Supportive Housing Study Finds Cost Savings, Health Improvements

December 10, 2018
Leaders at Ability Housing always believed in the power of their developments to transform lives as well save taxpayers money. Now, they have evidence to show... READ MORE

A year after Hurricane Irma, Florida Keys 'still a world of hurt'

September 11, 2018
BIG PINE KEY, Fla. –  As the Carolinas brace for a monstrous Category 4 hurricane marching their way, many still remember the last powerful storm to hit the U.S. mainland one year ago today... READ MORE

New Florida Keys Cottages Are Storm-Proof Affordable Housing

August 27, 2018
The Florida Keys are known for their appeal to tourists eager to escape to Margaritaville and fish or snorkel in turquoise waters. Like other tourist destinations... READ MORE

Community land trusts are a new option in rental market

August 17, 2018
Cities around the world facing a serious lack of affordable housing are exploring new ideas to address the problem. One emerging trend is... READ MORE

Solution in Motion

June, 14 2018
It’s easy to see how the raised shell of a house at 31462 Ave. E on Big Pine Key will soon be a home. The studs are bare within the 760-square-foot house, but standing in the spacious living room... READ MORE

No vacancy: Housing crisis dogs Florida Keys months after Irma

June, 14 2018
For eight months Terri Metter has made her home in a government trailer parked along a debris-clogged canal in the Florida Keys and she considers herself lucky since... READ MORE

New Keys Cottages Provide One Model For Post-Irma Affordable Housing

June, 11 2018
The Avenues neighborhood on Big Pine Key was one of the cheapest places to buy or rent in the Keys for a reason: it has a lot of... READ MORE

Keys residents still living in FEMA trailers as new hurricane season begins

May 31, 2018
Hurricane season starts tomorrow. But parts of the Florida Keys still look like Hurricane Irma just hit... WATCH VIDEO

2 projects move ahead, others are planned

May 4, 2018
Two worker housing projects in the Lower Keys are steadily moving forward, with construction of one well underway and funding approval for another... READ MORE

Cure for the crisis?

April 27, 2018
Local officials are calling Monroe County’s shortage of affordable housing a “crisis,” one that trickles down into other areas of the unique economy of the Florida Keys.
“I don’t think we’re cognizant yet of how much of a crisis this really is,” said Mayor David Rice... READ MORE